Li Jie McGimsey and John McGimsey Biographies

Li Jie McGimsey & John McGimsey have CAOM National Board Exam Certificates and are NC State Licensed Acupuncturists. Li Jie is also a Medical Masseuse doing real authentic Acupressure or Chinese Tui Na, Japanese Shiatsu. She trained inBeijing, China with over 10 years experience in a major hospital in Beijing, China in an Acupuncture Dept. She was an assistant for 10 years to Professors of the Beijing Acupuncture University working in her hospital and provided training to visiting American, Austrian, French, Spanish, Syrian, Greek, etc. Acupuncturists studying in Beijing, China. Patients fly in from all over the US and other countries and stay at area hotels to receive treatment, as well as local patients. We have Italian, French, Swedish, Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, Swiss, German,  Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, etc. patients. Li Jie continues to teach acupuncture and Herbology and provides training around the state to Acupuncturists, Chiropractors and MDs in Oriental Medicine. She provides translation and training for Acupuncturists training in Beijing, China each year when she returns to Chinafor further study. She has on call for consultation on patient’s problems some of the world’s top Acupuncturists in China, whom she calls and consults with regularly.


mcgimseyJohn graduated from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, N.M. and did extensive post-graduate education in Beijing. He served for 5 years as the President of the NC Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Assoc. and continues to serve on their Board. He also teaches classes in Oriental Medicine to other practitioners. John worked for 15 years as a Social Services Director for Drug Abuse Treatment and Family Violence for the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council, north of Santa Fe, N.M. and pioneered one of the first Acupuncture Treatment programs for Heroin withdrawal in the US with NM State funding.


Oriental Medicine is a complex form of medicine that has been practiced in several countries around the world for hundreds of years. As a result there are many valid schools of thought and traditions within the profession. In order to obtain the best health care you should seek a practitioner who has been comprehensively trained in acupuncture. All too often, chiropractors, massage therapists and even MD’s will take a short (as little as 2 weeks) clinic or course training and then advertise that they “do” acupuncture. Over 30 states have passed statutes or regulation setting standards for the practice of acupuncture by professional acupuncturist. If you live in a regulated state, you should seek a Licensed, Registered or Certified Acupuncturist. If you live in an unregulated jurisdiction, it would be best to locate an individual licensed in another state or certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

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